Welcome–on this page you’ll find information about my ongoing oral history project on the history of the Lusty Lady Theater (Seattle & San Francisco). The Lusty Lady played an important symbolic role in social movements for sex workers rights and justice in the United States.  This project seeks to explore why this is and to document the history of the Lusty Lady (LL).

A central component of my project involves oral history interviews with former employees of the LL.  Oral history interviews are a method for collecting information about the past from observers and participants in that past. It is a useful tool for documenting and recording the memories of communities whose perspectives might be otherwise be ‘lost’ to history.

Oral history interviews with former employees of the LL have explored how former employees understood and remembered their time at the Lusty, its distinctive culture, and the personal impact of the business’s closure.  Interviewees help ensure our memories and stories are recorded for the future.

In particular, I am looking to speak with dancers/performers who worked at the LL/Amusement Center prior to 1998, people who were involved in the unionization and co-operization process (San Francisco), dancers/performers-of-color,  people who worked at both branches of the Lusty, and people who worked in management (show directors, comptrollers, etc).

If you’d like to speak further about or participate in the project, feel free to submit your contact information, comments and questions.

About me: I am a former employee of the Lusty Lady and a PhD Candidate in the Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Minnesota. I can provide further information about researcher qualifications upon request.

Don’t be shy, reach out with any questions or interest!



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